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Headway Teesside News

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Headway Teesside recognise the strain put on ABI survivors by Social Distancing and Lockdown. 

On 27/04/2020, Headway Teesside wrote to MP's for Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Stockton North, Stockton South, Hartlepool and Redcar, to ask them to call for additional support for those with an ABI during the public health crisis. 

We have made the letters available for you to view here.

We have since received responses from a number of MP's which have been encouraging. You are able to view these responses by clicking on the icons to the right

Click the icon to open each document

Letter to Alex Cuningham MP (Stockton North)

Letter to Jacob Young MP (Redcar)

Letter to Matt Vickers MP (Stockton South)

Letter to Andy McDonald MP (Middlesbrough)

Letter to Mike Hill MP (Hartlepool)

Letter to Simon Clarke MP (Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland)

Letter from Andy McDonald MP (Middlesbrough)

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